The Change District is an empowering journey inside the process of transformation. Brittany Young uses an artful and metaphorical display of poetic brilliance to bring the conversation of personal and social change to everyone’s front door. From Broken City to Hope City, the journey of transformation often takes place on different landscapes inside of us. In the Change District, fallen kings and queens recover their crowns, lost dreams are reawakened, and the voiceless rediscover their sound. In this soul-stirring and thought-enriching expedition, Brittany empowers readers to rediscover all of these treasures and more. The Change District is the unmistakable cry for true justice and self-discovery.

Change District, the poetry album, is a musical and poetic journey from Broken City, the land of lost dreams and despair, to the Change District, a place that can only be entered through growth and transformation of the mind. It is filled with inspiration, emotion, and transparency. 



Album Credits:

Music Producer: Marcey Yates 
Executive Producers: Brittany & Julian Young 
Logo Design: Theardis Jay (Stable Gray)

Brittany's poem "Determined to Be a Somebody" is featured in this hardcover book in a project organized by artist Bill Hoover and published by Burnt Books.


Inspired by a painting by Bill Hoover, The History of a Day collects poems, short stories, and a play in an imagined day at The Nottingham apartment building in Omaha, Nebraska. The Nottingham, completed in 1925, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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